The DIGITAL & DATA event of the year

CDODAY 2018 is an event offering exclusive interaction with hundreds of CIO/CDO peers. The CDODAY follows the CDO Summit, hosting dozens of experts speakers and influencers.



Thursday April 19th
12:00 – 19:00

C-level positions, European Directors and Board members

The event is free of charge for the target group, those personally invited by ICT Media or by one of its partners.
More information regarding speakers, programme and location will follow soon.

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CDO: Suitable / Unsuitable

Digitizing economy and society. Who is up for the task?

Companies are looking for ways to deal with the digitization of society and economy. The CDO is the personification of digital thinking, and many organizations are searching diligently for this new leader. However, the demand from organizations and the available talent don’t always match. The perfect candidate is scarce, and once appointed CDOs sometimes quit after a short time.

Digitization is a strategic priority for many organizations. The question is how they can realize this ambition and objective. This starts with the boards of directors: what are their objectives and which competencies should help to realize this? Is there really a need for a new type of leader and what will be his or her power base? What is needed in terms of change in the structure and working method of the organization itself?



Then it is all about finding the right person: is the perfect candidate available in the labor market? What is his or her the ideal background? Can a CDO do it alone? And what do people with CDO ambitions have to do to stretch themselves from an existing role as CTO or CIO? What is the connection between CDO related themes such as digitization, data and disruption?

In addition to the organizational and leadership issue, the rol of the CDO also has a number of practical aspects. Several tools and methods can help address topics such as data management, analytics, robotization, cognitive applications and so on.


Digitization includes, in other words, more than just the search for the right executive. This broader challenge is the central theme of the CDODAY 2018 that will take place on April 19th. Together with those involved, experts and critics of different levels and backgrounds, we will help companies and administrators to create the right organizational preconditions, a useful profile and an optimal embedding within the (changing) organization.

Of course we hope to bring supply and demand closer together. CDODAY 2018 is open to general administrators, CDOs and others responsible for digital, data or disruption, and people who want to develop in this direction from a different senior position.

Are you the ideal digital leader, are you looking for it or do you want to become one?
Then you’re welcome at the CDODAY on April 19th 2018.

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    April 19th, 2018

  • 13:00 - 13:15

  • 13:15 - 13:40
    Implementation and change management are the most important challenges in the digitization of activities and organization, according to the experience of Randstad-CDO René Steenvoorden. According to him, it is rather easy to define an ambitious strategy, to invest in startups and to stock up on hip furniture for the office floor, ditto with young employees on sneakers. But to be digital from the head to toe in your company, and to really work differently instead of automating the existing processes and working methods, is quite a different story. During his keynote speech, René Steenvoorden provides guidelines for the organizational aspects of digitization.

  • 13:40 - 14:05
    KPN has been forced to make the transition from a product-driven company to a customer-oriented organization. They acknowledged that the customer needed to have a easy and smooth access to attractive digital services. “At the end of 2013 our product range was still barely coherent”, says digital leader Bouke Hoving. The consolidated back office in India is now the basis for an optimal service at the front. The front-end teams in Amsterdam have complete autonomy to create beautiful things for consumers and business customers. “Everything in a lean startup culture, with more with more room for self-management.”

Quality Speakers

Making sure you are inspired and informed

The plenary programme presents the best speakers we can find to inform, inspire and shock you on the topics concerning the modern CDO. Researchers, content matter experts, CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, influencers and the like will take the spotlight at CDODAY! A big thanks to those contributing!

2017 presented speakers from: Whitebridge, Sanoma, TNT, Triple, Forrester, Growth Tribe, Cognizant, Accenture, Anderson MacGyver, Royal FloraHolland, BCG, Digital Shapers, Informatica & the Cyborg Foundation.